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Sunday, August 23, 2009
A little introduction. I am Fantasydream, no doubt that's my name. I love to write about my fantasy, my life experiences. Recently with God's motivation, I decided to share with people who are able to read beyond the words, people with insight.

I have choose to remain in my Dream, personal information about me will not be reveal. Treat me as a dream that will wake you up from your reality. I hope after reading my art of work, people will see things in a new perspective.

You can find my writting all under the Memories section. Click on the title to direct you to the page. (:

I am definitely not any qualify writer, so feel free to criticise my work, after all "Perfection comes with criticism". All negative or positive comments are welcome. But kindly do not hurl valgurities. Just like how I respect people's criticism, please do respect me as a human too. (:

Lastly, I am currently writting a story, hopefully a book on my life as a rebellious teenager, THE REBELIOUS. Please kindly have a look into it patiently and ignore my grammatically wrong english as it is still in draft. Do let me know how you feel about the story. I need rating and comments so that I will be able to know whether should I just move on with my life, or move on into my story (:

Thanks a lot for the time spent reading. Greatly appreciated. May God bless you!

If you have any suggestion or would just wish to have a word with me, feel free to drop me a mail at


Above are originated By Dream and Copyrighted. Kindly refrain from copying (:
With Love, Dream.Fantasy @11:14 PM
The Fantasy

Fantasy is in my brain
Writting is in my blood
Writting my Fantasy is my Dream
Dream is my NAME.

Reveal my Fantasy

No mistake, my name is DREAM
I lived in my Fantasy for all my Life
Today, will be the day i put my fantasy down into words

I enjoy writting and is trying to get my write-up accepted
I am writting based on a real Teenage life "The Rebellious"
I really need lots of comment to improve, please feel free to criticise
Realise my Fantasy and bring my Name out of my Fantasy (:

    For every dream comes with a wild fantasy
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