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Thursday, August 13, 2009

God's place I assume that it should be the most beautiful place - maybe like a Eden.Whereby fresh and pure flower scent will float through the air, a big,bright and warm sun will shine through the darkness.

In the Eden (where our new life begins), there will be many small and cozy cottage lined up along the path. As you walk along the path, people will come out of their cottages with a bright smile on their faces to greet you, just like welcoming a new member,and who knows along the way some of the faces maybe one of your loved one that you have lost when you are on earth. You smile when you see them, maybe tears of happiness will fall, because a sense of relieve will flow through your heart, "she is fine, she is living happily, she is living like she was born again.."

Along the way, you may even come across faces that you will never forget, because they once hurt you so much, since then you never contacted them. How shock will you get to see that face in here before you. Will a sense of greatness flow through your heart or will a sense of hatred flow through your heart?? At that point i can say, a sense of greatness will flow through you, happy. Yes! very happy, that you see that face here, happy that she/he is doing fine up here (well definitely not happy because she/he is dead!) and you knew by the smile she/he gave you, that you are gonna begin a new friendship with happy moments with that person again. Then you laughed to yourself and said "Forgiving a person isn't that difficult at all, all it takes is a smile"

Then you will reach a gate, a huge bronze iron gate with exquisitely sophisticated engraving of roses on the bars, majestic but not at all scary. The gate will open up for you and behind that gate. A huge palace, a pure pearl white castle with a tinkle of roman style in its structure. "Wow" is all you can say when you see the castle.

"Enter the castle, if you believe in your father, the door will open for you, throw your past behind and seek for forgiveness as you walked into my arms, i will give you a new life you deserve for the duty you have completed and not forsaking my beliefs on earth," he speaks to you as you enter his kingdom. This is a brand new life for you, like they said life-after-death.

God will review your life, and he will give you your rightful asset in his kingdom. Just like everybody, your very own pure white cottage. In there you have everything you needed, neither less nor more. We lived in harmony with our neighbors. Our foes are now our new friends. We talk, we laugh, we joke,we sing, we dance, we play, we love - our days in heaven.

Suddenly the small chimes at your roof rings - a soft melody filled your house. You immediately know somebody is back to your father place, and maybe it's someone you love joining you in his eden? you run out of your cottage with your brightest smile to welcome your new friend..

Thinking of that beautiful scene, the beautiful place and wonderful friends, it all make me wonder why do people fear death. For if you believe in god you will never just vanish. Afraid that heaven do not have a space for you because so many people die? Well, why not look at the sky then, how big is the sky? that will be how big heaven is. so think again will you now have a place?

Sins? then seek forgiveness and repent when you have the chance. DEATH IS A BEAUTIFUL THING because god made it beautiful. Why fear death when life-after-death is a more promising and happy life than what you are living now on earth?


Above are originated By Dream and Copyrighted. Kindly refrain from copying (:
With Love, Dream.Fantasy @11:35 PM
The Fantasy

Fantasy is in my brain
Writting is in my blood
Writting my Fantasy is my Dream
Dream is my NAME.

Reveal my Fantasy

No mistake, my name is DREAM
I lived in my Fantasy for all my Life
Today, will be the day i put my fantasy down into words

I enjoy writting and is trying to get my write-up accepted
I am writting based on a real Teenage life "The Rebellious"
I really need lots of comment to improve, please feel free to criticise
Realise my Fantasy and bring my Name out of my Fantasy (:

    For every dream comes with a wild fantasy
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