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Tuesday, August 18, 2009
The Second Year
Second Year

The first year, passed peacefully. We gain more control, more popularity and more support. However, we missed out the uprising group against us.

Though we are always aware of their presence in our life, but we never take them as a threat to us. Yet, everything seems to be all planned by god. Without their constant competition, I believe we will never be any to realize the fact that, our clique may not be as strong in our friendship as we thought.

The betrayal, taught me something though, that in this world, believe nobody but yourselves, trust nobody but yourselves, and never let your guards down, for your abilities are the only weapon that is the most powerful. Cut the crap out, about relying on your best of the best friend, because when the time comes, nothing will stop them from fighting against you. You must always be prepared if you wants to be at the top.

E was in our opposition, not very long after we gain too much popularity to jeopardize her status in our school. She must have hated me a lot, for her to build up her clique just to go against me. She really portrays the ugliness side of a human well enough. But because of her ugly personalities she wasn’t very popular in school.

She knew she will lose out, fighting against us alone, so not long while we were still gaining popularity, she formed her clique. Without any friendship in her clique, what brought them close enough was their one and only main purpose, to destroy ‘Bitch’ completely. They named themselves ‘Winner’.

H joined Winner with the purpose to remove L from all her pride. H and L have been relatively close in the beginning of the 1st year. Things get nasty when L started dating most of H’s crush, I didn’t know whether L was doing that on purpose or unintentionally. Yet, she made her enemy just like that.

M joined later, when one of the famous boy clique’s, Boyz, has been hanging out with us for too long. Many people have a crush on the leader, Z, and M was one of them.

2nd year of my secondary school life is filled with so many unexpected events, outcome. My life lesson begins then, and my life turned from a white sheet to a black paper. When Winner are up against us, I knew then that things are not the same anymore.

We are now, learning the cruel reality of an adult world.


Above are originated By Dream and Copyrighted. Kindly refrain from copying (:
With Love, Dream.Fantasy @6:09 PM
The Fantasy

Fantasy is in my brain
Writting is in my blood
Writting my Fantasy is my Dream
Dream is my NAME.

Reveal my Fantasy

No mistake, my name is DREAM
I lived in my Fantasy for all my Life
Today, will be the day i put my fantasy down into words

I enjoy writting and is trying to get my write-up accepted
I am writting based on a real Teenage life "The Rebellious"
I really need lots of comment to improve, please feel free to criticise
Realise my Fantasy and bring my Name out of my Fantasy (:

    For every dream comes with a wild fantasy
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