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Sunday, August 23, 2009
Lesson 1 : Deadly Valentine (4)
Lesson 1: Deadly Valentine
Interrupting each and everyone’s thought I resumed our plan: “Kat is right, and if we do not want to end up like that we should make use of every chance we obtain to secure our position even further.”

Kat continued my sentence: “If the dedication booth is able to show people that we are of more supports. If the dedication booth can show people the back up that we have, will it not be like indirectly announcing to people that our popularity is irreplaceable?”

We nodded in consent again. Jing spoke: “That’s a good idea, so I am guessing within these few days, we have to pull more supporters into this plan”

I answered with a strong urge of motivation: “I am sure Lel, Soy and Jing will have your ways to get more of your admirers to dedicate something for you, as for Kat, and my own supporters, we will deal with them ourselves, time to work hard Bitch!”

Kat, smiled slyly, as we all giggled loudly. Drawing the attention of Winner, they stared fiercely at us. We smiled a little to slyly back to them and leave them wondering what’s coming up with us.

The bell rang, as our Chinese lesson is going into its second period. It may seems that Miss Su is treating Bitch as invisible, but to us it is more likely to be, Miss Su is being treated as the invisible one.

I spoke again to Bitch: “I am going to find Boyz now, to ask if they want to participate in our plan, anybody coming along with me?”

Bitch giggle and said in unison: “Obviously, we are all going”

I stood up dragging my chair away from my table in a loud yet astonishingly cool manner. I walked towards the door as Bitch followed behind. Eyes fell on us with admiration, I even heard some whispering: “Oh my god, they are so beautiful.’

Before we could make our exit, Miss Su screamed at us in Chinese: “Stop right there, where do you think you are going!” I turned to see Miss Su outraged face, a distance away from us, as she points at us, with her index finger, shaking from the sudden outburst of anger.

I almost burst out laughing upon seeing such reaction, but I managed to composure myself and shot Soy a look when I caught her snickering. I spoke with a tingle of arrogance in my voice to further agitate her: “Miss Su, I don’t think you are of qualifies to post such a question to us. Please don’t let us interrupt your lesson. Out of our graciousness, we are not seeking permission but to inform you, we will be gone now. Hope to catch you around soon, probably when I get an A1, I will see you smiling face again.

I turned with the rest of the Bitch and left the class. Leaving Miss Su’s blood at the boiling point. We begin bursting into laughter as soon as we are out of Miss Su’s sight.

Laughing hysterically, I quiet down the Bitch and said: “The show is not over yet, guess, who is in Boyz class now?”

Kat smiled happily and raised her voice a little too high: “Mr Ko!!!!” I quickly shut Kat mouth: “We have got enough bad records, such a simple thing like this wouldn’t need to be recorded in our profile right?”

We moved off to Boyz‘s class which is a level below us. We managed to reach their class without any problem. I crept behind their back door, as I notice that the infamous enjoy occupying the back of the classroom, maybe because when you are at the back you get an overview of the entire class, knowing what is happening at all time.


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With Love, Dream.Fantasy @11:09 PM
The Fantasy

Fantasy is in my brain
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Writting my Fantasy is my Dream
Dream is my NAME.

Reveal my Fantasy

No mistake, my name is DREAM
I lived in my Fantasy for all my Life
Today, will be the day i put my fantasy down into words

I enjoy writting and is trying to get my write-up accepted
I am writting based on a real Teenage life "The Rebellious"
I really need lots of comment to improve, please feel free to criticise
Realise my Fantasy and bring my Name out of my Fantasy (:

    For every dream comes with a wild fantasy
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