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Sunday, August 23, 2009
Lesson 1 : Deadly Valentine (5)
Lesson 1: Deadly Valentine
Its science lesson for Boyz, everybody were dozing off. I caught sight of Zian, sleeping on his table. I smiled a little; sometimes it is rather cute looking at him when his guards are down. However, I know that Soy is rather fond of him, but in order for our relationship between Boyz to balance out neatly, I and Zian, prohibited any love relationship between Bitch and Boyz.

I loosen my atrocious thought, and I threw a piece of waste paper I obtained from the rubbish bin at him. Lady Luck was smiling at me, I hit Zian exactly on his head, normally he will scream in anger, but today he just looked up.

When he caught sight of me, I signaled him to come out of his class to meet us at the toilet area. He nodded in consent and begins waking up Jus, Ted, Yon, Quest, his clique members. As quietly as we could, we sneak to the end of the corridor where our level toilet is situated.

Zian is the leader, leading Boyz to the top last year. I will say that he is an all rounder. With his toned muscle, tan skin, gorgeous eyes, and a brain that work wittily, he caught hold of many girls’ heart. Prefect people always have many hidden flaws.

Jus has very distinctive features that will melt everybody’s heart. If only his proud attitude can be replaced, he would have gained more popularity.

Ted, Yon, Quest each has their very own specialty and attractiveness, within a year, their popularity raised to the peak.

It is not easy for Boyz to climb their way through; I will definitely not belittle their abilities at all.

Boyz surface, covering the sunlight that shone onto us. Jus spoke with hints of impatience in his tone: “What’s bringing Bitch here; something is wrong with you girls today?”

I was rather annoyed but spoke with in a calm tone: “Jus, I must have interrupted your beauty sleep, so sorry about that, but I thought we have always maintained a good relationship here?”

Zian, being the leader, sense a little tension there, broke our conversation: “Jus, that’s not nice, how can you talk to these beautiful ladies like that. Pretty girls deserve our respect. Tell me, what can I do for you, Leader.” After finishing his sentence he bowed a little to further tease us.

Again, Soy loses her posture we are trained to carry, and giggled a little. I shot Soy another awful look, which later she quickly regain her posture.

I played along with Zian and spoke sweetly: “How honored am I to be mentioned as beautiful by you. Thank you so much for the unnecessary compliment. I shall just go straight to the point now.”

Zian looked a little shocked when I played my cards at him, but he smiled a little, with some interests tinkling in his eyes as he looked up at me and said: “Oh really, then please, feel free to go ahead with you words.

I soften my voice and spoke with confidence: “After last year’s valentine, I am sure we all know what does this particular day meant to us. I reckon that it is important to maintain a good relationship between us, especially with you, Zian. I was thinking a little more to strengthen our position this year. So I was wondering whether are you game for it.”

I could see that Boyz are seriously considering, as they exchange look among themselves. It is as though they are having a discussion in their mind, after a long awkward silent, Jus sarcastically spoke “Well, I am sure we will participate if that is to our benefit, like you always know, nothing more than that right, what’s the deal like, I wouldn’t want to be entangle with any of your girls after this valentine again.”
I roll my eyes, annoyed with how Jus was not that good in dealing with things: “Oh, Jus, how nasty, I don’t think my girls are that bad you know. Anyway, I think our priority has always been Zian.”

Jus glared at me, I think my sentence must have hit hard on him. As I looked sternly at Jus, Zian looked up from his thought. Though he is trying hard to hide his surprise look after hearing my statement, yet he failed to fool me; “Go ahead, throw the ball at me, I see what I can do.”

I turned to Kat signaling her to break the plan to them, observing each and everyone’s reaction is more crucial than to be relating it. Kat, looked excited, to be able to relate the plan; “We will need Zian, to dedicate a song with a love message at the dedication booth, and in return we will send a gift as a meaning of acceptance. In a way, people will see that Bitch and Boyz are irreplaceable and bonded, which will make people think twice before trying to play with any of us.”

Zian, fell into silent, seems to me that he is weighing the pros and cons. I immediately spoke up to stop his mind from doing the calculation, “If you are in for this, you can pick any one of us to do the dedication, unlike last year, you can only pick me. How’s that? Unless of course, you have got no guts for it”

I knew Zian long enough to know that a slight agitation is good enough to push him onto the track we design for the game. Zian looked up again, with a slight smile on his thin lips: “It’s a deal. Well, well, I never knew Leader know me so well. You always startled me.” Sensing that he is teasing me again, I replied with in nonchalant tone: “I don’t think that you should honour me so much today. Anyway I will suggest Soy to be on your list this year. She is growing in popularity, maybe you would want to push her up the scale a little. She definitely won’t be anywhere below your standard.”

I know that I should not encourage Soy to continue her pursuit of Zian. But I never had guessed that her crush would turn into an obsession. I should have seen it coming, but my sight failed me then. Soy was smiling, as I tried to hide the fact that I don’t wish to see her love for him to blossom. After all if things end nasty for them, it won’t do Bitch any good.

Zian may have read my expression well, he was laughing a little: “I wouldn’t take anything that requires selling” Before anyone could react, he took a step to close up the space between us. He smiled as he look into my eyes for my reaction: “I think if given a chance I will still choose you, after all if we are creating an impression for the people, then I guess Leader and Leader always sound nice together, more over, who would want to give up a chance to be link with such a beauty.”

I kept my shock to myself, took a step away from his teasing eyesight, and spoke with irritation: “I think with our good working relationship we establish, we all know that flirting is the least required, I would not want to know why you are so out of your mind today, but just in case you are not able to control yourself, I am reminding you of our golden rule we both agree on. So what’s your final decision?”

Zian smile slyly: “If the Leader says so, it’s my honour duty to follow her.”

I am almost losing my mind, what on earth is wrong with him today. He is so playful, and flirtatious with me. I should have not waked him up in the middle of his sleep, I am wondering if perhaps he is still not awake yet.

I thought we are always clear when it comes to that. “If that is your decision, then I think we will stick to the plan, Soy will be in your list this year, thanks a lot for the wonderful cooperation. May you succeed like we do too.”

Just as we are about to leave, Zian stopped us, “I have a condition.” We turned and face him again, already looking irritated I asked him: “What?” Again, he flashed me a sexy smile, that make me want to puke that instant: “I want you to be the one to give me a present”

My mouth remains wide open for sometime. After I managed to close it up, I stared in astonishment, and speak sarcastically: “Well, my Leader, your request is my command” I return him my sexy smile, turned and walked away with my Bitch.


Above are originated By Dream and Copyrighted. Kindly refrain from copying (:
With Love, Dream.Fantasy @11:12 PM
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