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Wednesday, August 19, 2009
Lesson 1: Deadly Valentine (2)
Lesson 1: Deadly Valentine

This year Valentine’s Day, the nerdy prefects have decided to do something for charity.

We are cursing and swearing as the prefect took his time to make the announcement of their worthless contribution to the celebration of the Valentine’s Day, as we are sweating under the hot, sourcing sun.

“This year, with the help of various other prefects, we are pleased to bring you … …”

His words trailed off as I tried to focus on the stares that E is throwing at me. Before I could return her stares, the prefect’s word caught me again, and I turned my attention to him.

“We are having a special song dedication booth, for the purpose of this Valentine’s Spirit. At an affordable price, we will play the song request together with the message you wish to deliver through our sound system set up in the canteen. The day after Valentine and the actual day, grab the chance to express your love and in return help to love someone else. We hope to see more people stepping forward to the booth”

I shot the prefect a sweet smile, catching him off guard when his sight met mine. He shy away, and we slowly proceed back to our class.

Chinese period was first. A self-declared free period for Bitch, as you see, we don’t really like to study at school to show that we are nerdy. So what we normally do is play in school, and I mean literally create many troubles. Miss S, was our 6th Chinese teacher this year, Chinese was never my strong subject. We created many problems, particularly me, chasing away the teachers. I was having fun with Miss S for the first three months of my 2nd year; however, I grew bored of it. Miss S also couldn’t do anything much and she chose to avoid crossing my path. Which I will say was the best choice she ever made.

Having Bitch all in the same class isn’t something easy to deal with. We are famous among the student; we are also infamous among the teachers. Most teachers avoid us, as they seem to see that we are able to manage our result good enough to shut their mouth. Neither of them tries to tame us down, nor do they try to hit hard on us. This is one of the reasons why people idolize us, we are not afraid of anything.

We gathered at the back of the classroom, and started to talk nonsensically. I was not really paying attention as to what Bitch are talking about.

I was rather thinking of the announcement that was made earlier in the morning.

Jing, being the most observant, broke the Bitch discussion and ask: “Leader, you are not with us, what’s on your mind?”

Breaking all my thoughts, I looked up and replied: “Bitch, I was just thinking about the announcement made this morning.”

Upon hearing my answer, K looked at me, as though she read my mind, she fell into the same silent as I was before. I did mention, we are very similar.

L whines: “It is totally absurd, who in their right mind will announce in front of the teacher or maybe even principal about their relationship, like boy-girl relationship is ever allowed!”

But before S, and Jing comment, I stopped them. My brain works within minutes and I spoke in a softer voice: “I am sure after leaving through the first year; you guys should be fully aware that Valentine’s Day is definitely one of the most important day to us at the very moment. Having a booth like that will benefit us greatly.”

I stopped that instant as the Winner walked past us to the front. Exchanging a few stares, I resumed to our topic when I am sure that they are out of our earshot.

S, Jing and L stare at me wildly as though as I am speaking Greek. I probably have guessed that K had thought the same way as me, when she spoke up: “I think I sort of get what Leader is trying to say.”

I smiled at her, and replied: “I think you got me again, S, Jing and L time to drop your innocence and play the game, next Wednesday is our big day. Let K explain.”

S, Jing, and L listen attentively as they compose their previously wild look they gave me.

K spoke whisper: “Having a booth like that, is like an extra bonus we get to secure our position this year. Though up to this point, I don’t see anybody having the abilities to take us out. But the least we should do is to protect our position. We have seen ‘Love’ that clique that drops from the top to the bottom. Their fates aren’t something we will want right?”


Above are originated By Dream and Copyrighted. Kindly refrain from copying (:
With Love, Dream.Fantasy @6:58 PM
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Fantasy is in my brain
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I lived in my Fantasy for all my Life
Today, will be the day i put my fantasy down into words

I enjoy writting and is trying to get my write-up accepted
I am writting based on a real Teenage life "The Rebellious"
I really need lots of comment to improve, please feel free to criticise
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